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The Rustic Beam Collection Walnut Hand Hewn Beam Series * Closed on one end* 13' Lengths 3 Finishes Available d Unfinished d Our Rustic Beams allow you to bring back that "Old World Style" and to any room with their rustic warmth and charm. These beams are lightweight and easy to install. Rustic Beams were fallen logs, hewn into shape using a broad axe. Forging ahead and settling the new frontier, early settlers did not have access to mills and machinery. They shaped the beams used in their homes and business by hand, using their axes and small tools. This resulted in a beam with rugged texture and character. New Medium Oak Width A Height B Top Inside Width C Bottom Inside Width D B A ACCESSORIES POLYURETHANE U-BRACKET HH20-BKT HH30-BKT HH40-BKT Part # Bolts Per Side 4 6 6 HH20-55 5-1/2" H x 6-1/4" W x 3/8" $9.75 ea. HH30-85 5-7/8" H x 9-1/4" W x 3/8" $11.50 ea. HH40-87 7-7/8" H x 8-13/16" W x 3/8" $12.50 ea. Works With Size Price RUBBER BEAM STRAPPING Single Strap VINSTRAP $17.13 ea. Double Strap DB-STRAP $29.05 ea. VINSTRAP (Black/Silver) 42" L x 1-1/2" W Bolt Spacing: 1-3/8" (2-1/4" C-C) Due to photographic imaging, products may vary slightly in color. All sizes listed are approximate. Samples are available, please inquire. Click Here DB-STRAP (Black/Silver) 41" L x 2-7/8" W Bolt Spacing: 4" (4-3/4" C-C) Phone:1-800-835-4400 ยท Fax:1-800-835-4403 Rustic Beams, Faux Wood Beams, Polyurethane Beams, Foam Beams, Plastic Beams, Hand Hewn Beams, Handhewn Beams, Faux Wood Beam Accessories, Faux Wood Beam U-Brackets, Faux Wood Beam U Brackets, Faux Wood Beam Polyurethane U-Brackets, Faux Wood Beam Polyurethane U Brackets, Rubber Beam Strapping, D HH20-55* 5" 5" 2-3/4" 2-1/4" HH30-85* 8" 5-1/8" 6-1/4" 6" HH40-87* 7-1/2" 6-5/8" 5" 4-7/8" * For unfinished add -UNF to the part number * For medium oak add -MEDOAK to the part number Part # $134.60 ea. $121.13 ea. $153.01 ea. $137.71 ea. $167.28 ea. $150.55 ea. $110.49 ea. $98.22 ea. $131.25 ea. $118.65 ea. $140.70 ea. $120.75 ea. C WALNUT / MEDIUM OAK Price 6 + Pieces UNFINISHED PRICE 6 + Pieces S-2 d d
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