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LED Lighting Thin 12V RGB Ribbon Flex Available Lengths: 8.25' & 16.5' Material: Flexible White PCB With Adhesive · 60% Smaller Than Anything · Works With Our Magic Backlighting Sheet & DIY: Brite Light Sheet (See Pages R-92~95) · Easy To Hide 12V Thinnest RGB Ribbon On The Market... Only 1/4" Power Supply New Connect Ribbon Using Our 4 Pin Connecting System IP65 Thin 12V RGB Ribbon Protected From Total Dust Ingress, Protected From Splashing Water 2 Options Available Protected From Touch With Hands, Fingers or Larger Tools and Not Protected From Splashing Water IP20 Thin 12V RGB Ribbon Thin 12V LED RGB Ribbon Flex Shown IP20 Cutting Increments Every 3rd Chip (Approximately: 2") 1/2" 1/4" Wide 3MTM- Adhesive tape on bottom 1/8" Thick Part # Color Temp Length # Of LED Chips SPT12-N3560-8-RGB SPT12-N3560-16-RGB SPT12-3560-8-RGB SPT12-3560-16-RGB RGB RGB RGB RGB 8.25' 16.5' 8.25' 16.5' 150 300 150 300 IP65 36 72 IP20 36 72 Total Wattage Max # Can Connect Price Each 10+ Pcs. Lighting Specifications Beam Spread Rated Average Life Constant Chip Size 120º 20,000 hrs. Voltage SMD3535 23' 23' 23' 23' $50.40 ($6.11') $100.80 ($6.11') $47.88 ($5.80') $95.76 ($5.80') $41.40 ea. ($5.02') $82.80 ea. ($5.02') $39.33 ea. ($4.77') $78.66 ea. ($4.77') Accessories for Standard 12V LED RGB Ribbon Flex Required Power Supply Controller Required & + Ribbon Flex Required Power Supplies Price LED-12V-1A LED-12V-3A Part # Wall Mount 1A 12V 12W 2.91"L x 1.61"W x 1.14"H $8.95 $8.20 ea. Wall Mount 3A 12V 36W 3.41"L x 2.31"W x 1.26"H $16.15 $14.70 ea. For Product Details & More Power Options, See Pages R-119~120b Other Options: Plug In | Hardwire | Hardwire Dimmable | Rechargeable Battery Price 6+ Pcs. Type Amps Volts Watts Dimensions Each 6+ Pcs. Controllers Part # Description Input Wire Output Wire Dimensions Each R-20 Minimum order is $25.00 (Merchandise only). Orders less than this minimum will be billed as $25.00 plus shipping charges and tax, if applicable. OUTWATER PLASTICS INDUSTRIES, INC. · www.outwater.com Deluxe RGB controller Female 4 Pin 4-3/8"L x with up to 25 color DC 5.5: Connection: 2-1/8"W x $35.95 changing functions 18" 18" 1"H Super small RGB controller Female 1-1/2"L x 4 Pin LED-RGB36-INLINE with up to 20 color DC 5.5: 1/2"W x $9.95 Connection changing functions 3-1/2" 1/8"H For Product Details & More Controller Options, See Pages R-129~131 Other Options: Radio Frequency | Sound Activated LED-RGB36-CRP $31.00 ea. $9.00 ea. CATALOG IS PRICED IN U.S. DOLLARS standard 12v thin rgb ribbon flex, 12v thin rgb ribbon flex lighting, 12v thin rgb ribbon light, 12v thin rgb led ribbon, 12v thin rgb led ribbon strip, 12v thin rgb tape light, 12v thin rgb led tape strip, 12v thin rgb led light tape, 12v thin rgb flexible led lighting, 12v thin rgb led flexible lighting, 12v thin rgb led flexible strip, 12v thin rgb light strip, 12v thin rgb ribbon light, 12v thin rgb ribbon strip, 12v thin rgb led flex, 12v thin rgb flex lights, 12v thin rgb flexible linear lighting, 12v thin rgb linear flexible lighting, led thin rgb ribbon flex, 12v thin rgb ribbon flex lighting accessories, 12v thin rgb ribbon flex lighting power supply, 12v thin rgb ribbon flex lighting controller
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