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120V Klem Light Fixture Material: Metal Halogen / LED Lighting · Lightweight But Extremely Durable! All stainless steel construction with nickel plated components and highly polished shades of the light head. · Safe For Museum Pieces! Halogen bulbs with dichroic reflector. 80% of potentially harmful heat is reflected to the rear of the light head while 100% of the light shines on the subject matter. Lighting Specifications · Easy To Use! Each fixture is uniquely designed for ease of fixation HALOGEN · No Transformer Required! 120V simply plug into any outlet. Black power cord is Beam Spread 50º 10 feet long with 3 prong plug. Lumens CW: 1260 · Versatile and Portable! The light head clamp can be adjusted to various Rated Average Life CW: 2,000 hrs angles for the greatest potential of any exhibit. Lighting Specifications LED Color Temperature Beam Spread Lumens Color Rendering Index Rated Average Life Constant Chip Size CW: 6000K WW: 2700K-3000K 35º CW: 340 WW: 290 CW/WW: 80 CW/WW: 30,000 hrs. Voltage SMD2835 Cielo® XL: Sturdy Clamp Mechanism Fits Up To 3" Thick Material (No Screw Mounting) Part # 200X-CL 200X-CL-HAL 200X-CL-LED-* Cool White (*CW) & Warm White (*WW) Cielo® Exhibit Light Fixture $95.00 ea. Cielo® Exhibit Light Fixture With 75W Halogen Bulb $105.00 ea. Cielo® Exhibit Light Fixture With 5W LED Bulb $95.00 ea. Description Price Paneo®: Top Panel Mounted (Two-Piece Bracket Assembly & Mounting) Mount to panel by hooking the light fixture into a base unit affixed invisibly to the rear edge of the panel. Part # 205-P 205-P-HAL 205-P-LED-* Cool White (*CW) & Warm White (*WW) Paneo® Exhibit Light Fixture Paneo® Exhibit Light Fixture With 75W Halogen Bulb Paneo® Exhibit Light Fixture With 5W LED Bulb Description Price $85.00 ea. $95.00 ea. $85.00 ea. Imago®: Surface Mounted Part # 210-I 210-I-HAL 210-I-LED-* Cool White (*CW) & Warm White (*WW) Imago® Exhibit Light Fixture Imago® Exhibit Light Fixture With 75W Halogen Bulb Imago® Exhibit Light Fixture With 5W LED Bulb Description Price $89.00 ea. $99.00 ea. $89.00 ea. Minimum order is $25.00 (Merchandise only). Orders less than this minimum will be billed as $25.00 plus shipping charges and tax, if applicable. Trade Show Lights, 120V Lights, Display Lights, Picture Lights, Clamp On Lights, Cielo Xl, Cielo, Paneo, Imago, Led Bulbs Phone:1-800-631-8375 · Fax:1-800-888-3315 R-107
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