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Cabinet Door Solutions FENIX NTM® Nanotech Matte Material, 13/16" Thick Cabinet Doors Matt Surface New $33.60-$48.00S.F. Please Inquire FENIX NTM® is a next generation laminate surface that uses nanotechnology to achieve a super matte finish that doesn't show fingerprints and is very durable and heat resistant. Our components feature matching edgeband. The FENIX NTM® surfaces are laminated onto MDF or particleboard with the top surface being FENIX NTM® laminate and the backer sheet, a perfectly balanced color-matched high pressure laminate. Edgeband Specifications: All components are edgebanded which provides a seamless joint that is extremely heat and moisture resistant. The result is a seamless board that looks like a matte solid surface. Nanotech Matte Material, 13/16" Thick Available Styles: Available Finishes: Bianco Male Bianco Alaska Bianco Kos Grigio Londra Blue Delft Nero Ingo Beige Arizona Grigio Efeso Grigio Bromo Grigio Antrim Rosso Jaipur z Cacao Orinoco Zinco Doha Bronze Doha Slab Shaker (5 Piece) z Titanio Jaipur Piombo Doha Verde Comodoro z Blu Fes z Drawer Only available in sheets or with an extended lead time A protective peel coat is applied to all sides. Remove promptly after installing and prior to mounting hardware. PSA sheet for refacing is available with pre-applied adhesive. Thermal healing Low re ectivity Anti- ngerprint Soft touch Enhanced anti-bacterial properties Scratch resistant Zero-joint technology Phone:1-800-835-4400 · Fax:1-800-835-4403 cabinet door solutions, cabinet door solutions, cabinet doors, fenix ntm, fenix ntm natural surface, modern custom cabinet doors, custom cabinet doors Surface and edgeband perfectly matched Heat and humidity resistant Warp resistant Chemical resistant Suitable for contact with food P-14
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