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Cabinet Door Solutions RAUVISIO skyTM and RAUVISIO urbanTM Super Matte PET Surface, 3/4" Thick Cabinet Doors Matte Surface New $21.00-$30.00S.F. Please Inquire RAUVISIO skyTM and RAUVISIO urbanTM offers excellent value and consistent quality in super matte. Our components feature single-sided super matte with matching matte edgeband. The super matte surface is created by using the highest quality PET film (highest temperature and UV resistance of any PET film) applied over a melamine board. Edgeband Specifications: All components are edgebanded which provides a seamless joint that is extremely heat and moisture resistant. The result is a seamless board that looks like a matte solid surface. Super Matte PET Surface, 3/4" Thick Available Style: RAUVISIO SkyTM Available Finishes: White Grey Storm Grey Black RAUVISIO UrbanTM White Black Slab A protective peel coat is applied to the top and sides. Remove promptly after installing and prior to mounting hardware. Drawer Low re ectivity Batch-to-batch color consistency Matching high-gloss and matte colors Excellent UV resistence Batch-to-batch color consistency Zero-joint technology Surface and edgeband perfectly matched Heat and humidity resistant Warp resistant P-13 ARCHITECTURAL PRODUCTS BY OUTWATER L.L.C. ยท www.outwater.com cabinet door solutions, cabinet door solutions, cabinet doors, rauvisio sky and urban, rauvisio sky and urban natural surface, rauvisio sky, rauvisio urban, custom cabinet doors, custom cabinet doors CATALOG IS PRICED IN U.S. DOLLARS
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