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Plank It Wallscapes New For use in interior settings, both residential and commercial (Class "A" Fire Rating) Introducing Our Latest Addition: Plank It Wallscapes (Urethane Composite) The Plank It Advantage They may look like genuine barn wood, but our Plank It Wallscapes have advantages over the real thing. · Save Time & Labor · No Planing, No Sanding & No Finishing · 100% Useable / No Waste · Plank It Wallscapes are pre-finished & ready to use · Lightweight: Easy to handle & install · Won't Warp, cracking/checking, rot or harbor insects. · Easy to clean, non toxic planks are environmentally friendly. · Replicated to exacting details from actual weathered wood planks. · No arsenic, lead, odor or pesticide residue. · Class "A" Fire Rated Breathtakingly Beautiful The authentic look & texture of reclaimed weathered wood boards creates the depth of character and sense of warmth that only wood can bring. Choose from an array of six naturally sun-weathered finishes. With close attention to detail, originality and character, these planks look every bit as unique as real wood, with a lot less hassle. What better way to bring the natural beauty and look of wood to any wall or surface of your home or business. Click Here O-92 ARCHITECTURAL PRODUCTS BY OUTWATER L.L.C. · www.outwater.com plank it wallscapes, plank it, wallscapes, faux plank it wallscapes, faux plank it, faux wallscapes, faux wood panels CATALOG IS PRICED IN U.S. DOLLARS
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