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Backlight LED Laminate Series ILLUMINATED BACKSPLASH KITS include the imaged translucent panel, the light guide panel, vinyl sheet, LED lightbar, transformer and frame. Due to the ultra-thin multi-layered laminate construction it is necessary to encapsulate its edges with frames or mouldings. Frame solutions have heat dissipation built-in. * See pages O-50~52 for examples of our extensive stock library. FRAMING KIT OPTIONS Frame Material: Aluminum Option *A Option *B BIRCH (BIR) | DAY All 4 Sides Snap Frame Top & Bottom Snap Frame Option *C Option *D Top Snap Frame & Bottom J-Channel Top & Bottom J-Channel BIRCH (BIR) | NIGHT Needed to encapsulate the Illuminated Backsplash and provides decorative detail to overall design Snap Frame: Enables you to change graphics in a snap J-Channel: Provides a finished edge Frames Available are Snap,J-Channel,Welded,Custom Prices Include Kit with Frame & Imaged Translucent Panel Option Option Option Option Price With NO Frame All 4 Sides Snap Frame *A LUM1648* LUM1696* LUM2448* LUM2496* LUM4848* LUM4896* Part # Size (HxL) Top & Bottom Snap Frame *B Top Snap Frame & Bottom J-Channel *C *D Composition as thin as 1/4" Imaged Translucent Panel FRP Top & Bottom J-Channel Light Guide Panel Durable top sheet so that the Illuminated Backsplash Kit can be used in both horizontal and vertical 16"x48" 16"x96" 24"x48" 24"x96" 48"x48" 48"x96" $386.81 $636.43 $445.63 $965.17 $763.85 $1,379.92 $507.50 $834.17 $566.31 $951.80 $923.06 $1,616.20 $459.00 $780.80 $517.81 $898.42 $836.03 $1,524.30 $434.61 $743.70 $493.92 $861.33 $811.64 $1,487.20 $421.91 $706.63 $480.72 $824.25 $798.94 $1,450.13 This is usually (can be thicker) 3/16" acrylic sheet digitally printed with proprietary diamond pattern for even luminance across surface LED Lightbar Heat Sink + Reflector (Vinyl Sheet) To keep unit cool-to-touch, boost LED longevity, and significantly improve light output This is a 24-volt proprietary LED system designed for the Illuminated Backsplash. Approximately 1,000 Lumen output per 2' section; 50,000 hours of uninterrupted use * Please specify right or left side for power cord. There are many images in our extensive stock library: outwaterphotogallery.com/laminates Click Here CATALOG IS PRICED IN U.S. DOLLARS i O-54 Minimum order is $25.00 (Merchandise only). Orders less than this minimum will be billed as $25.00 plus shipping charges and tax, if applicable. ARCHITECTURAL PRODUCTS BY OUTWATER L.L.C. ยท www.outwater.com lumisplash laminate, lumi splash laminate, transparent laminate, backsplash laminate, back splash laminate, illuminated laminate, hpl laminate, decorative laminate, high pressure laminate, impact resistant laminate, scratch resistant laminate, chemical resistance laminate, abrasion resistance laminate, vertical laminate, horizontal laminate, backlit laminate, laminate backlighting, laminate back lighting, custom laminate, lumisplash backsplashes, lumi splash backsplashes, lumisplash back splashes, lumi splash back splashes
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