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Metlam COLLECTION: UNIQUE ART Sheet Size: 4' x 8' | Thickness: .050" AS THEIR NAME IMPLIES Unique Art Laminates, are truly unique work-of-art laminates that offer rich colors and metals in their design. They are hand painted by artists using techniques that allow for repeatability. The artistic value and nuances of hand painting are evident when using multiple sheets. Protected with a high quality lacquer process to ensure durability, these laminates can be used in both low and high-traffic areas. Since each sheet is hand painted, it should be noted that slight differences will be seen from sheet to sheet. PATINA AUTUMN LEAVES NM48-UAC-AUTLEAVES $514.35 ea. COLLECTION: UNIQUE ART PATINA ESMERALDA NM48-UAC-ESMERALDA $571.35 ea. COLLECTION: UNIQUE ART PATINA MALCHIT NM48-UAC-MALCHIT $571.23 ea. COLLECTION: UNIQUE ART PATINA ONYX NM48-UAC-ONYX $571.35 ea. COLLECTION: UNIQUE ART BERLIN NM48-UAC-BERLIN $590.45 ea. COLLECTION: UNIQUE ART CAIRO NM48-UAC-CAIRO $590.45 ea. COLLECTION: UNIQUE ART MADRID NM48-UAC-MADRID $590.45 ea. COLLECTION: UNIQUE ART WASHINGTON NM48-UAC-WASHINGTON $590.35 ea. COLLECTION: UNIQUE ART CAPE COD NM48-UAC-CAPECOD $590.35 ea. COLLECTION: UNIQUE ART OZ NM48-UAC-OZ $590.35 ea. COLLECTION: UNIQUE ART Click Here Minimum order is $25.00 (Merchandise only). Orders less than this minimum will be billed as $25.00 plus shipping charges and tax, if applicable. metlam laminates, metal sheets, real metal surface laminates, high pressure laminates Phone:1-800-835-4400 ยท Fax:1-800-835-4403 O-43
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