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Slatwall & Slatwall Systems ANCHOR CORE® SLATWALL 4' x 8' Panels Carb Phase II Compliant New 6 Leed Points · 50% stronger than MDF, made with Boise CascadeTM Anchor Core® · Same cost as MDF · Made from 100% recycled wood fibers, Anchor Core® delivers impressive strength and screw holding capacities · Total Weight: 84 lbs. per 4' x 8' panel · Standard grooving is 3" on center · Avaiable 3/4" thick panel · Standard cut and vertical options · Available with & without aluminum inserts in a variety of color options · Properly hang slatwall with 1-1/4" - 2" long drywall screws Shown with & without Aluminum Insert Paint Grade Standard Cut 15 grooves per 4' x 8' panel Vertical Cut 31 grooves per 8' x 4' panel Raw board made of AnchorTM Core is a Paint Grade panel that needs to be painted, or sealed for use. Price ^With Mill Aluminum Insert (-A) Part # Description Without Insert WMB-PG48 WMB-PG84 Paint grade standard 4' x 8' Paint grade vertical 8' x 4' $45.00 ea. $53.00 ea. $150.00 ea. $157.00 ea. ^When ordering with an insert, add the code to the end of the part #. Ex: WMB-PG48-A Ready to Paint Paint Grade Ready to Paint slatwall panels come with a white, pre-coated finish. This will eliminate the need to do a primer coat and then finish, paint or seal coat. Specifically designed to accept paints and sealers. Price ^With Mill Aluminum Insert (-A) WMB-RP48 WMB-RP84 Part # Ready to paint standard 4' x 8' Ready to paint vertical 8' x 4' Description Without Insert $105.00 ea. $113.00 ea. $210.00 ea. $218.00 ea. ^When ordering with an insert, add the code to the end of the part #. Ex: WMB-RP48-A Ready to Paint Low Pressure Laminate (Melamine) This Melamine is a foil paper overlay that has a heat activated glue on the back of the paper that allows it to be adhered to the core. The Melamine offers a beautiful surface finish that is quite durable and economical. White (*WH) Gray (*GY) Light Gray (*LGY) Almond (*AL) Black (*BK) Antique White (*AW) WMB-L48-* WMB-L84-* Part # Low pressure laminate standard 4' x 8' Low pressure laminate vertical 8' x 4' Description Without Insert $53.00 ea. $62.00 ea. Price ^With Mill Aluminum Insert (-A) $160.00 ea. $165.00 ea. Click Here i ^When ordering with an insert, add the code to the end of the part #. Ex: WMB-L48-WH-A B-42 Minimum order is $25.00 (Merchandise only). Orders less than this minimum will be billed as $25.00 plus shipping charges and tax, if applicable. slatwall systems, slat wall systems, anchor core slatwall, anchorcore slatwall, anchor core slat wall, anchorcore slat wall, slatwall panels, slat wall panels, mdf slatwall, mdf slat wall, wood slatwall, wood slat wall OUTWATER PLASTICS INDUSTRIES, INC. · www.outwater.com $45.00 Crating Fee per 1 sheet. Maximum number of sheets per crate is 30. CATALOG IS PRICED IN U.S. DOLLARS
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